"To consistently provide the best professional dry cleaning and laundering service that delivers outstanding quality results and exceeds customer expectations in a friendly, family atmosphere."
Lamode Delivery Truck

At LaMode Cleaners, we've taken quality and service to a higher level. Experience the difference.

Why PickUp & Delivery?
  • hassle-free convenience
  • one less errand
  • no need to call
  • no need to be home
  • no order too small
  • twice a week service
  • home or office
  • our service is FREE!

Convenience at no extra cost
Do you have a hectic schedule? Long hours at the office? Too many errands to run? Do you dread having to take the kids out of the car seat at every stop? LaMode's convenient "to-your-door" service makes life a little easier and is offered at no additional cost.

How does delivery work?
It's simple. Just fill out the form below and tell us how you would like your garments delivered and any other special instructions. In return, you'll receive two personal laundry bags, in which you'll deposit your clothes for LaMode to pick up on your designated days. We'll deliver your freshly pressed garments, along with the bags, right to your preferred drop-off/pick-up location. Your home or office will be serviced twice a week.

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Step 1
Set your
items out.
Step 2
We'll pick them up,
clean, & press them.
Step 3
Then deliver
Category Delivery Sign Up
After signing up our Route Manager will contact you prior to beginning service. At this time we'll get you your special delivery bag, gather your credit card information for billing purposes and answer all of your questions.

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