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We can even help you when it comes time to clean those household items such as comforters, blankets or even sheets as well. We’re gladly going to take care of everything they are standing in need of Weatherby leather and suede are even getting your first coats cleaned and stored. We know that is can be important for you to be able to fill as if you are getting the best quality services, and that is exactly why we delivery the best services and why we are devoted time and time again The best rated dry cleaners in Broken Arrow.

If you never used our wonderful wash and fold service that we have available than the me get you in on a real treat. In fact for your first bag I have to do is pay is one simple dollar. Yes that’s right 100 pennies is going to get you the deal of a lifetime as you are going to be able to get your first bag washed and folded. We can be able to use variance free decision to ensure that you are not worried about the aroma coming up for your clothing, and you can even get the amazing promise that your close and I can be touching other people’s clothes and that you’ll even be able to get them returned back to you the next day.

Now this is typically going to take you personally about three hours, so this is just one of the many ways that we are helping to simplify your life and bring you that much needed extra free time as you want to have to worry about getting your close taking care of as we were simply do it for you. To get in touch with us and learn how you can join in and become a part of what we are offering you here at this location by the going to 918 622 5255 or to lamodecleaners.com to get a hold of us.